11 Mar

Well folks it’s Friday again..FINALLY! On Fridays I volunteer in BB’s class. I LOVE this and if I coluld work there or in a similar class I so would. BB is in a structured learning behavior class. There are 13 BOYS and one little girl! LOL the boys are so funny adjusting to little “E Girl” amd her own set of quirks and strengths. BB’s class is near and dear to my heart and I LOVE getting to know the boys and now “E Girl” and their parents and teachers and caregivers. These kids are all awesome kids, reguardless of label, disorder, or “disability”. All I see are my new buddies who call me “teacher BB’s Mom” and give endless highfives and hugs(sometimes at the wrong time…). I feel their parents frustration when they have a “no prize” day or their excitment and pride when they meet a new goal or its just simply been a “good report big prize day” because I am able to see it in my own child and I find such joy in being able to know my son’s friends and help support them and their families too. Play dates are in the works and “N boy” actually had me spell out my name for him to write a note request hom eto his mom for a play date with BB, it was so cute! “N boy” is older than BB (the class is k-3rd grade) so he can write his letters and was so proud of himself when he wrote the note, I just hope his mom is as excited as he is!

Today BB’s teacher “Ms B” was out sick, all week actually so tension was high in the SLCB today. The sub was awesome and the regular assistant teachers and aides are great too! I got to go to recess and helo BB and his buddy “M boy” find wet dirt to put a worm in that “M boy” had rescued from getting squished from “E Girl”s shoe…he was so loving and tender with that worm! “E” was a biut worried it was slimy and so was BB but “M” assured them his worm was NOT POISONOUS, oh i tried hard to not laugh!

BB had a ‘small prize” day which means he got one or two 0 or 1 ratings on his daily report. The daily report is scored from 0-2 and if you get all 2’s you get a “Big Prize” more than one 0 or 1 results in either a no prize or a little prize depending on the behavior and the individual child. All in all it was a great day, not as productive as i would have liked. Usually i work in the office doing filing or other projects for “ms B” but my things i needed werent avaliable so I got to do other fun stuff in class or take pictures for the social story i’m working on with my new camera for BB. All in all GOOD SCHOOL DAY! and no we are off to our 1pm OT appt for BB then our 3pm ot appt for LB YAY PRIVATE OT!!! See y’all on the flip side!



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