LB Does OT…Kind of…

13 Mar

So… LB had OT the same day 2hrs after BB did. he is normally super excited to be in the gym. “M” even has to limit his gym time to 5-15 min til the session is over bc hes too hyper and over-stimmed from all the stuff in the gym. That day? major 180! he came is was mildly interested but pretty much didn’t care we were in there. We then discussed some sensory defensiveness we’ve been having reguarding tactile issues with water on his head(shower) and the avoidance of messy play or mess in general, especially WET gooey messy play. He had demonstrated this aversion to goo for her two weeks prior when he had run to the other side of the gym sucking his thumb and sending her the “LB death glare” and wouldn’t come to her until she put away the shaving cream she had pulled out and wiped off the mirror she had smeared it on. The goal had been to have him draw shapes in the cream on the mirror, fun for any other kid…not mine apparently. So in the end we decided it best to try the Wilbarger brushing protocol along with deep pressure compressions for two weeks (when we did it initially with BB we had to do it every 2 hrs while he was a wake for 2 wks straight) “M” says we only really need to do it 3x a day for two weeks and extra before showers or messy play.  If it works for him then as needed before he goes to an over stimming activity, showrs or messy play. although this isn’t to be used long term it will help for now. We did a trial run with her and  he loved the brush! The rougher and harder and faster I brushed the calmer and  more focused he got, then I did the deep pressure and he just layed on the floor and did a puzzle calmly and focused. It almost worked TOO well! Im glad she suggested it! Please Please PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS ON YOUR CHILD UNLESS YOU ARE UNDER THE CARE AND SUPERVISION OF A LISCENCED OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST OR OTHER PROFESSIONAL! For more info on the Wilbarger protocol go to:


and this too!

Thanks everyone hope this is helpful!


One Pleased MamaC

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