In Honor of St Patricks Day….

17 Mar

So I awoke this morning to find BB frantically trying to find a green shirt for school today. “Why does it have to be green?” I asked “MOOOOM! BC MS B SAID IF I DONT WEAR GREEEEEEEEN PEOPLE WILL PINCH ME!” “wait a it St Patrick’s day?” “YES IT IS!!! JEEZZZZZZZZE!!!” For those of you readers who actually know my son…you know that he has pretty much two volume settings and that is LOUD and LOUDER. Especially when he thinks the person he is conversing with is irritating or a complete ignoramous like his mother who was oblivious to the green wearing holiday…I miss it almost every year and this is the only year he has really cared about it. NOTE TO SELF: SET ALARM ON PHONE ORGANIZER FOR ALL MAJOR HOLIDAYS REGUARDLESS IF I REMEMBER WHEN THEY ARE ON  MY OWN OR NOT. BB could so not handle getting pinched, even if it wasnt hard and in fun….Makes me wonder about what “Ms B” will be doing in the SLC class this morning to address what her boys and ‘Little Miss E girl” should do if they were to get pinched or see someone not wear green..that could get very interesting very quickly! Pray extra for ms B and the SLC class staff! Anyways I looked up the histroy of St Patrick and in case anyone was wondering….here is the link

Happy St Patricks Day everyone! And beware of little boys with brown eyes in green striped Hoodies…they pinch hard!



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Posted by on March 17, 2011 in BB, General


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