LS, MamaC, and Aunt N Do Hawthorne…Mani’s, Pedi’s, Pho, and More!

20 Mar
LS, MamaC, and Aunt N Do Hawthorne…Mani’s, Pedi’s, Pho, and More!

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Today we took a girls day….but first we had TWO kiddos birthday parties to attend LS went to her friend “G”s party at 230 we dropped her off and ran over to little Mr “J”s party J and LB are just a month apart their b days are March 2 and April 28th, they are both turning three this year! LB was super excited to go to his very first “big boy” birthday party for HIS FWEND all by “mahssssellf”, I’m not joking folks my kids really truly talk like this. I love their little kiddo “accents”, they won’t last for long! So after the parties LS and I met my Sister “Aunt N” in the Hawthorne District a lovely little strip of eclectic thrift shops, trendy toy stores, art boutiques and plenty of authentic randomness that is the city we live in is known for. I heart our city (we live in a suburb adjacent but ya know trips to the fun parts of the city are nice I just don’t wanna live there!). Anyways we started off our little excursion with treating LS to her first mani pedi…no I do not promote small children wearing make up or nail polish..but once in  awhile i let LS paint her nails for fun and really it only lasts a couple hours at MOST before she picks it off and says “Im all done spark-uh-lee na-ohs”. So I figure its ok occasionally to have fun. Especially when its somethign special for her to do with her aunt and I and a good way for LS to get some good one on one attention that she so desperately needs being the only girl in between two high need high energy brothers. Being the only girl between two boys is tough enough, heck being the middle child period can be rough but in the middle between two special needs brothers? Its definately challenging for LS. Don’t get me wrong I love or family dinamic and I LOVE my kids, each one , but I also don’t want to forget that each one has strength as wellas weakneses and each one needs special one on one adult  attention whenever possible. LS needs to know that she is loved and special and that you dont have to have “naughty” behavior to get attention. She loves her brothers and she tends to gravitate to boys at school who are similar to her brothers because that is what is comfortable and familiar for her. I think thats great, she reaches out and is friends with kids who may have a hard time making them. But still I want her to know life outside”special needs” world life in the realm where its ok to have a tantrum and it not be because so and so has “autism” or bc so and so is “sensory defensive” I want her to know that its ok to be messy and have fun in mud or spill things without fear of so and so having a freak out bc of the mess or smell or noise. I want her to be excepting of these things which she is bc she lives them every day. But I also want for her to be able to have a break too, some respite if you will. I think too often Parents or others involved with special needs kids reguardless of degree or diagnoses sometimes focus too much on the affected child or provioding respite for the parents that they forget the siblings…these kids sometimes act out or blend in “invisible” bc thats how they feel. I NEVER want any of my kids to feel that way. And I LOVE one on one time with my daughter to be silly and girly and not have to talk about light sabers and dinosaurs…unless SHE wants to… So a big SHOUT OUT THANK YOU to Aunt “N” my sweet sister (you know who you are) for treating us to this fun day and helping love each of my children and uniquely as they are. Sorry for the run on tangeon…I am a bit passionate in case you cant tell! We also had Pho (pronounced “fuh”) for dinner and went to a fun little frozen yogurt where you pay by the weight of your build your own bowl of fro-yo and toppings! I got chocolate and vanilla frozen yogurt with fresh strawberries and cheese cake bites and hot fudge….LS got black berry fro yo with skittles…gf as far as i know(mine wasnt bc of the cheesecakes crumbs) but incase youre wondering the pho was gf most asian food is with exception of some sauces or maybe breadings but most their stuff uses rice baced starches! yay for naturally gf culturely diverse food! On our way to catch the bus to meet DH at my Grandmas to take us home we stopped and listened to a man and his girlfriend playing pretty folk music outside a coffee shop. We let LS put a dollar in his guitar case and gave them the rest of our dinner(its common practice here in our city to give your take home left overs to people who may need it more ) I enjoyed being able to share kindness with someone and model it for LS who had a huge smile on her face putting that dollar in the case and loved watching Aunt N give the nice lady our food. The music was beautiful and the night was awesome a good end to a great day! How was your Saturday? Anyone else get to show kindness to a stranger or take time out with a special someone? Hope y’all are enjoying your weekends!



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