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24 Mar

Alrighty..yes I know this is my third blog post for today…but I really feel I must write all this out… I am so thankful for God’s hand in our lives this past few months actually more like the past almost two years. He has taken such good care of us, even when all seemed hopeless and for naught, HE redeemed it HE healed it and HE restored us, our lives, our family, our marriage. Thank you FATHER GOD for being the one constant in my life and for knitting me together so intriqietely and intimately, uniquely for your glory anf for your purpose.

Two years ago I had no idea where we were heading, as a family or as believers, personally or as a couple. We were involved in a very unhealthy “church” which was really more the definition of a cult near the end of its existance or the end of our time there. I learned a lot during the near 4 years my family and I spent there, but through a lot of growth and personal and spiritual revelation…came more hurt, confusion, pain and disrupting of relationships in my life than I feel was worth any growth or good that came from it.(for more info on what we experienced go here a friend describes his experience and is quite honest and clear on most of what hapend, although he is definately hurt and jaded form Christianity at this point this was written it does tell the story of what we went through very well) But still through that entire experience being entangled in the net we were in, God was FAITHFUL. God was THERE, in the pain in the confusion he providd a way out in the right time and made a safe healing, loving, and nurturing place where we could land, heal, grow and prosper as a family mission minded for the LORD. I cannot express enough my gratitude to my Heavenly Father for protecting us and keeping us safe and putting us where we are now. Things arfe stiff rocky with DH and I much of the time, but we are young we are growing and we are cleaving to the truth and the “Good Roots’ of the word to get us through. We are surrounded with people who love God, each other and us and model, counsel, love and friend us through it all. I only pray and hope I can speak and do love into their lives and others lives as much as God has used them for his purpose in mine. I cannot ask for better friends, better couples to sharre this journey of marriage and family with or better life long friends for my children. GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME!!!!

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these are just a few pictures of our new church family and their kiddos(mostly the ones who are in our home community group that meets on Wed nights, we all go to church together but we have small home groups that meet throughout the week as well)…not all the pitcure i took were able to upload to my camera (im not technologically inclined…) still trying to work it out… Have a blessed night dear bloggers! Sleep with Angels around you and may you have peace in every situation!



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