Transitions… Say what now?

24 Mar

So its Wed and day three of spring break here at the “M” house…. PLEASE TELL ME MONDAY IS COMING SOON! BB is not an easy transitioner, be it going from one activity to another or school week to weekend, break to non break doesnt matter he hates it, is hard to get adapted to new surroundings, new people, new food, new clothes… Even with tons of prep, its still hard. Three weeks ago I started preparing him for spring break, even did a count down on my phones calendar. Nest year or even for summer I’m going to make a giant wall poster that he can mark off the days with a marker on. Make it fun with stickers and glitter glue or something. BB’s teacher ms “B” was supposed to come do a second home visit sometime this week but i havent heard from her yet…hopefully we will soon but its ok if we dont. Needless to say MamaC isn’t liking transions much lately either! So how are your spring breaks going? leave a note in the comments! Plans this week? Day trips? Staycations? Stay safe and have fun!



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