Thursday Night at Our House…

25 Mar

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Its not a secret, DH and I are both the oldest children in our families. DH Has one brother, 14 months younger, “J”, who just got married almost a year ago to wonderful and lovely “R”. They both attend school a few hours away from where we live so we don’t get to see them very often, christmas, maybe a few times during summer or spring break, their grandma’s birthday etc.. Last night they were in town for spring break and we got to have them over for dinner. DH had to work but we decided to do the dinner anyways so J and R could see the kids.  BB, LS and LB ADORE their Aunts and Uncles, J and R are no exception, all three kids ran to them when they came in the door. We had fun, i’m pretty sure rand J did as well. All in all it was a really nice evening, minus a few, ok a lot of attitude from BB, but well what can I say? We kind of expected it and just rolled with the flow. J intertained the kids with twister and hallway soccer while R and I made dinner. Which was a deliciously, fun and simple dish from her family that I will most certainly make again! Why have I never thought of this before? Chicken breasts cut into pieces seasoned with , Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary, Basil,yellow curry powder..and I added some granulated onion, garlic and herb seasoning mix(no salt or msg in it), sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper. then R put in some diced sweet onion, yellow bell pepper and fresh garlic, and some balsamic vin eagar (which we werent sure about being gf..but we used a bit anyways, I know I know im going to try to find something close to that thats gf from now on…promise) we cooked that up and served it over rice witha nice huge baby spinach salad that had more bell peppers, red onions, hard boiled eggs and brocoli and carrot slaw(un dressed) it was really good! I really had fun cooking with R and getting to know her better. I love that they were still willing to come hang out even though DH wasnt there and that they even stayed and hung out with me for a bit even after the kids were in bed. It was a really nice kick off to our three day weekend. Glad J and R came into town and looking forward to seing them more this summer. I feel so blessed to have wonderful siblings and sibling in-laws that make this journey of parenting and family and parenting kids with special needs so much more wonderful than we could ever hoped. Yes its messy, yes we don’t always get along, but we’re family and thats what counts. Have you talked to your siblings lately? Do you make effort to involve your family (your “side” and inlaws both) in your life and your immediate family’s life? God placed us in the family dynamics we have for a reason and a purpose…Embrace it! And feel free to remind me of this when I get grumpy and complain..its sure to happen bc I’m human. So..that all said..HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE!



P.S. J and R if you guys read this…I know htese arent the best pictures..I had intended to get some nice group shots of you guys with the kids but it didnt happen…I picked the best ones out of the 6 I got… 🙂 The one of R is lovely!

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