26 Mar
Atlanta GA
Adoption: Family fights to adopt son, despite judge who says no
Jennifer Dove, Atlanta Adoptive Families Examiner
Posted:  03/24/2011 9:13 PM
Jennifer Dove“This child is better off just staying in an institution than having a forever family.”

That’s basically what a judge had to say after a hopeful and prayerful Alabama family was questioned last week in a European court room. Questioned by judge and prosecutor. Questioned for FIVE HOURS.

Apparently the prosecutor and judge were having a hard time understanding why the couple would want this particular little boy.

The family was on their second trip to visit their son – the trip where they thought would go to court and be declared little Kirill’s parents.

Many compelling arguments were made. There was nothing said that showed any reason why Kirill shouldn’t get a Mommy and Daddy that day.

But after 5 hours, the judge Rejected (the judge’s word, not mine) their petition to make Kirill a Davis (in the legal sense, anyway).

Why would the judge say no? Only because precious little Kirill was born with Down Syndrome.

According to mom Tesney Davis, “He has been denied a family because he has Down Syndrome and is “socially unadaptable due to his medical needs”.”

But pictures and video of Kirill show that this could not be further from the truth. Smiles and strong eye contact, tender affection, and pure joy.

I tell you, I cannot imagine what it must have felt like to hear that.

Of course they are devastated. That’s an understatement. But this family is holding onto the God who loves them, the God who loves Kirill – and yes, the God who loves the judge that said no.

The family is working quickly to appeal through the Supreme Court in Kirill’s country. They are doing everything possible to save their son. But they need help.
They need your help.
You can follow the Davis family’s blog:
First and foremost, they are asking for prayer. Prayer that hearts would be softened, and that the supreme court in Kirill’s country would overturn the decision. And most of all, they’re asking that God will be glorified through all of this.
How else can you help?
Share this story. Via Facebook. Twitter. Your blog. Your church prayer list or website. Share it via email or discussion board. If you have media contacts, you are especially encouraged to share it with them.
If you have adopted a special needs child, visit their website and share your story. Success stories can be powerful tools!
Get the word out – and pray that soon, this boy will be home with his forever family.

*** Not only is this devastating new for Kirill & his family – but also for 2 others families seeking to adopt children with Down Syndrome from the same region (which means the same judge).
For a synopsis of Kirill’s story, visit
Join Kirill’s Facebook group:

March 24, 2011

The Davis Family’s blog has been added to my blog roll list PLEASE PRAY FOR KIRILL AND HIS PARENTS THAT THEY WILL BE REUNITED SOON AND THAT THE HIGHER COURT WILL OVERTURN THIS JUDGES RULING AND THAT THE OTHER KIDS WILL GET APROVED AS WELL! Tesney, I don’t know you but my heart and prayers go out to you and your family. Kids with Down Syndrome have a special place in my heart as do all kiddos with special needs but Down Syndrome children have such sweet spirits and their smiles and hearts light me up. I often find joy and peace when I look at my friend’s daughter with DS  especially when i am having a hard time and thats all I need to see God’s love and grace in her little smile. Peace be with you right now!

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