Could Someone PLEASE Do Their Job So I Don’t Have To????

29 Mar

Around the shift of the Holiday season BB got a new councelor. “T” T was the first male therapist BB has ever had and he Rocks! BB loves T and begs to see him all the time “Mommy is it my day to see T yet?” BB works really with him. So to my shock and dismay I recieve a call yesterday from the “agency” where T works. “We are sorry to inform you that “T” will no longer be employed here and we wanted to tell you before BB’s next appointment which is THIS THURSDAY” three days? Are you kidding me? You think THREE DAYS is enough time to prepare my 5 1/2 yr old very routine rigid and non transitioning well son that T is suddenly gone?! You have a friggin screw loose people! This isnt the first time this has happend at this place either. When we had BB’s intake person was “L” the woman who was the person we had requested as his therapist and she was canned without reason two weeks later. She at least though was given 2 weeks  notice and had time to warn her kids and families of the change and help place them with other therapists. She chose T for BB because he was lots of experience with boys that exhibit traits of aspergers and asd and adhd/add. She chose T because of that and because he’s been at the “agency” for over two years and is well established and has no plans to seek other employment…. The supervisor whom I spoke to yesterday was NO HELP and only “could” tell me that with HR issues she cant divulge any information as to whay “T” was no longer there but that I should know that she is the new head of that department and it is her job to make sure the therapist under her aRE PROVIDING THE UTMOST HIGHEST QUALITY SERVICES TO THEIR CLIENTS…. And that she’s making changes to make sure that is happening. So I very politely infirmed her that that was unprofessional for them to not give any noitce or time to prepare my son or the other kids for the absence of T whom as far as I was concerned gave us NOTHING BUT AWESOME AND PREFFESSIONAL service from day one. She really didnt seem to care but I needed to say it. I really hope T didnt do anything wrong and that no children or families were harmed, the way she was acting didnt sound good in T’s favor but im hoping it was just due to protocol and not the severity of the matter. i understand we don’t always get to know wy things happen and I gues I still have some learnign to do about that as is just sad for BB and us as parents to have this happen AGAIN. As we just lost our previous therapist after a year bc she went into private practice in another state and BB’s OT he has had since 2 1/2 years old bc she decided to pursue adult care and advance her administrative oporotunities. This is the third (4th if you count L) sudden absence he’s had of adults he trusts since January. I really hope we dont haver any other major changes. Hope your week goes better than mine is right now! Stay strong and remember that GOD is in control and knows your needs and your kids needs better than you. Which is something I am having to remind myself of right now especially. Take care readers!



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Posted by on March 29, 2011 in BB


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