Is It Friday Yet?

07 Apr

Ok so this week was ROUGH people, i will tell no lie, it was ROUGH. Combination of no sleep due to family emergency that started last Thurs and still hasn’t come to a full close, LB’s continued increase in anxiety and regression/increase of sensory defensiveness, BB’s overall  stinky attitude and antagonistic behavior, DH and I trying to keep it all together with OUT taking each others heads off due to sheer exhaustion…yup that about sums it up, oh yeah I forgot our house is diasasterous, stinky and just down right disgusting due to the culmination of all that and well frankly a bit of laziness on my part. Because even though we are worn out and feel like taking a vacation from cleaning we arent really supposed to right? I have had some really sweet help from sweet people that came just i the right time, but I seem to always un do the progress made by that help within 24hrs..What the hey is wrong with me?!I got to get this under control soon or it may just be me needing some deep pressure tapping massage at bedtime every night and not just the boys!

I included this adorable picture of LB and his new Faux Hawkie cut bc I need a reminder, even as I sit here and vent into this post there really is an underlying message. GOD IS IN CONTROL!!! I AM NOT THE BOSS! How many times a day do I remind BB that HE is not the boss? probably like a zillion at least. But really I should be reminding myself too that truly I am not the boss, my Heavenly Father is and HE knows what we need, HE knows my struggles, faults, strengths and weaknesses…God KNOWS my children and HE created them! He created DH and I and he knit us togethr perfectly in our mother’s womb’s just the way he intended us to be…Even though I don’t understand that most the time and yes I even complain about it sometimes, I do know it is the truth. So today dear peeps who may or may not be reading this blog…If you are having a day/week/month/year like this too, pray for us together and remember you are NOT alone and you are LOVED by the MOST HIGH GOD! You are made strong in your weakness by his sacrifice and his LOVE. God’s plan isn’t always clear but it is perfect and he does have one specificly for each of us. Take care this morning and thank you for letting me blah out all these things in this post…You guys rock, don’t forget that ok?



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