Welcome to Thursday….Lord Just Get us to Friday!

14 Apr


Its Thursday and while this has been a tough week there have been a few good moments to, I must admit though I’m constantly thinking “God get me to FRIDAY!” It’s not a secret DH and I have had a rocky 6 years of marriage so far, we love each other and are committed to making it work and not just making it work but helping our marriage flourish…was that too gooey to say? This weekend we are heading out to a marriage conference titled “Solomon, Sex and Marriage”. My Mom known as “Grandma P” to the kids and brother “J” will be holding down the fort for us at home with the three musketeers. I’m excited and hopeful for new tools, lots of conviction and probably lots of mini arguments leading up to and during the two hour drive there. Because thats pretty much how these things go usually. It’s Thursday BB and LS are at school and LB and I will be heading to play group soon and there is still MUCH to do in preparing to leave all three kids for the weekend and go away. Theres laundry to do and fold and lay out and pack, food to buy and plan and leave for Grandma P and J to feed the kiddos while we are gone. Lists and tips to write out, instructions on how to handle a major bb meltdown. Not that my mother  or borther have never experienced or handled one before but thye havent ever hsad to deal with one when we were more than 15 or 20 minutes away. We will be 2 hours ish aweay and not that easily reachable, cell reception will be iffy. Ofcourse i will leave the number of the conferenced place with them incase of a true emergency but I am really nervous. We have NEVER left our babies this long before and I KNOW its only two nights three days ish but its weird for me! So yes Lord get me to Friday, and PLEASE God do some major work in our marriage and plant seeds in us that will continue to grow and mature. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep my kids and my Mom and brother safe and sane while we are gone! They are excited for Grandma P and Uncle J to come have a giant sleep over, but usually its only one night and not an entire weekend basically. I’m printing out a social story as we speak for us and them to read to the kids before and after and during while we are gone. Mostly for BB and LB but I’m sure LS will enjoy it anyways. Have an AWESOME weekend everyone! Hope to come back and tell you great things about this congference and pass along some great tools too!



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