Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of….DayQuil?

15 Apr

Morning of the conference….running around like chickens with no heads this morning…and yes im blogging about it right NOW, but quickly I promise! I’ve had a sore throat for 3-4 weeks now and its only been one side. Woke up this am with sore throat on BOTH sides of my tonsils/throat and a nasaly, sinussy, congested deal going on. Come hell or high water WE WILL MAKE IT TO THIS CONFERENCE TONIGHT!!!  Have a blast this weekend guys wether its staying at home with the fam or going on your own weekend away remember to smile, breath deeply and if your in the same boat as me…pack extra cold remedies! Oh and on a semi different note anyone have any all natural suggestions to replace the dayquil?



DayQuil my friend...oh how i wish to NEVER see you again!

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