Summer is coming SOON

09 May

Summer is coming, and that means that our routine will be turned upside down. BB will be asking constantly whats on the schedule and what we are doing every 5 minutes. Our hopes were to get him signed up for ACAP(Autistic Children’s Activity Program) for this summer, it is an 8 week program which your child can participate either 5 days, 3 days or 2 days a week at $100 a day. Byt he time I heard of ACAP our tax return was already spent on bills and other things the kids needed. The application deadline is this Friday we don’t have the $100 for the app fee nor will we be able to come up with the $1,600 needed for his tuition by June 13th. I know I sound whiney right now and some of you might be thinking I should have thought about finances before I had kids so young and blah blah blah. I know we should have waited and that we made mistakes but it doesnt erase the fact that God still gave us these beautiful wonderful kids that deserve the best we can give them. I just wish that our best was better. I know that if ACAP was really what God wants for BB that it would have came together somehow. Hopefully we can get funds raised for next year and maybe send him three days instead of two. I’m getting together project and activity ideas for our weekly/daily routine for summer and I’m gong to do the best I can with what we have. Sorry for complaining guys…at least there are things I can do at home with the kids that cost little to nothing. What are your plans for this summer? Any ideas or links you’d like to share? I’ll be posting more as I find them. Have a great week! here is the link to the ACAP site for those of you in the PDX area….



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