BB’s First “Big Boy” Field Trip

15 May

Tomorrow BB and his class are going on a field trip. It will be his very first field trip as a kindergartener, and he is oh so very excited! I’m really excited for him too. His class will be going to the Land Lab which is a part of a place called the skills center. In our school district there are three High Schools and one alternative high school. These four schools have the opportunity for students to come to the skills center for elective classes not offered at their home high school. Many of these classes have college credit attached to the upper level courses. The skills center offers courses in automotive, culinary, early childhood development, law enforcement, forestry, Fire fighting, agriculture, fashion design and more. The land lab houses the agriculture classrooms as well as many kinds of live stock that the students raise and use for hands on experience in classes such as Small animal care and Veterinary science, our local chapter of the FFA also uses the land lab facilities and many of the students FFA pprojects are housed at the land lab. Each year the land lab hosts Kindergarten Tours which the students run almost all by themselves. Being held in spring means lots of baby animals to see and they set up a petting zoo of sorts with all kinds of baby farm animals and the students guide tours of the lab and teach the kids about how agriculture affects their every day lives. I loved doing the tours when I was in high school. Its really cool to be able to tell BB about what mommy used to do at the land lab and I am excited for him to see everything there. I am a bit nervous about behavior on the trip but I’m sure everything will be fine, his teacher is really good about making expectations clear for her kids. Here’s to a fantastic week for everyone! What have you got planned for this week?



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