Early Say What Wednesday post

17 May

So its technically still Tuesday, but I am posting the say what Wednesday post early anyways. I’ve slacked on the blogging and I want to get back into the swing of things. So today BB asked me why he wasn’t allowed to watch Harry Potter movies or be read the books. i then had to have a detailed discussion on why its not appropriate for kids his age and why Mommy and Daddy feel books and movies that make witch craft sound fun and exciting are innapropriate for those who are trying to follow Jesus. And until he is old enough to properly discern such topics for him self its his Dad’s and my job to guide him and raise him in the way he should go, so he will be able to choose the right path when hes older. Ofcourse I tried to convey those things on a 5yr old level, but what he said to me afterwards in response struck me as funny and I wanted to share it.

So here is what BB said to me after i was doen answering his question:  “Well Mom when I’m grown up and an adult and married I will watch it with my wife, but when the kids are in bed not when they are awake, OK?” Made me realize he totally knows we do those same things when he is in bed, not watch Harry Potter but he realises we watch different things when hes in bed. Smart kid. Not sure if thats good he realizes this or not but on a good note he is learning that not everything is appropriate for kids to see or hear and that his parents are doing their best to protect him and his siblings and set good examples. I Love my kids, they are so stinkin cute and beautiful and sweet and intelligent. I praise God for entrusting them to me. So when you find yourself in frustrating situations with your k,ids or trying times or joyful times or funny moments take it all in thank God for your situation wether happy or sad or maddening. Because we give ourselves lots of things we cant handle EVERYDAY and GOD EQUIPS us to handle it. AMEN!



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