Weekly Shopping Trip..ALMOST Kid Free!

19 May

So today I’m headed to the store to stock up on produce and some pantry items of the GF variety to get us hopefully to the 2nd of next month. Now I know there are many other Mom’s or Dad’s out there who may read this blog(or maybe not maybe im just writing to dead space? 🙂 but in the chance you are out there reading this, I’m sure all you parents can relate to the shopping dilemma. Or at least maybe a few of you can. Everypones shopping styles and Children and children’s behavior’s varry and are as unique as the parents. That being said, I dread shopping with all three of my kids! Is that horrible? maybe, but it probably sounds worse than it is.

Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my kids and I really enjoy the moments when I can use a fun trip or errand to teach them things. But it is NOT always possible, maybe if you ALWAYS have well behaved kids 100% of the time, but I for one do not. Heck I’m not even well behaved 100% of the time! I’m not ragging on my babies, just saying we all have those moments where maybe our internal monologue sounds some what like”what the heck was I thinking taking all of you with me today?!” And your verbal language sounds a lot like” Get off that shelf!, PUT THE GLASS JAR OF SAUCE BACK ON THE SHELF!, look with our eyes not our hands….” And mine is a bit unique since BB has a fascination for yelling certain words ALL the time public or not. I often say several times a day”Stop saying “Penis”, its not appropriate to be yelling out our body parts” So imagine me with three kids and usually my Dad(DH sleeps during the day so my Dad graciously takes us places a lot) in the middle of a store. My Dad is, well if any of you who know my Dad dont need the explanation, but my Dad is like having a 4th child a lot of the time. He means well, usually. My Dad has lead a hard life he was your typical hippie child of the 60’s and 70’s and he never really grew out of it, also My Dad has all the classic signs of a severe case of Aspergers Syndrome( my sister and I are 99% sure he has it) not to mention several actually diagnosed mental illnesses. I always have to be on guard, eyes and ears in all directions when I’m with my kids, like any parent. But i have to be hyper aware of sudden noises or too much time spent in crowded brightly lit stores bc BB just cant handle too much of that. He has gotten much better over the years or at least id like to think so but he has almost this script in is head that he follows where he thinke he HAS to be naughty while we shop. In addition I also have to keep close eye on LB whose sensory issues also can cause shopping trouble for the little guy as well as managing my father’s behavior on top of it. Bc if my children have a meltdown in publis its more cocially acceptable than if my 62yr old Dad does, potentially it could get him arrested. So when i have the chance to just take LB or LS or no kids shopping with my Dad (whom they call GrandpaR), you better believe I jump on it! So today while BB and LS are at school My Dad is coming to get LB and I and we are grocery shopping bound! LB and LS are usually perfect little angels one on one so I dont expect any huge meltdowns or issues while shopping, and as long as things stay calm I shouldnt have to worry about an aspie meltdown with Grandpa R either. Have a happy Thursday everyone! The weekend is almost here!!!!



My Dad Grandpa "R"

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