Cresto and Weeds…..

27 Jun

So this should probably be a say what Wednesday post, but since I have been horribly slacking in the blogging department I’m writing this post on Monday. I should start by saying this past weekend I decided to be adventurous and try feeding the kids turkey cream cheese pesto wraps(using GF corn tortillas) with sprouts. Surprisingly BB and LS ate them pretty much with no fuss(i didn’t even try putting pesto or sprouts in LB’s and he still tossed it in the trash). Today the kiddos ate breakfast around 8:30am but by 10 insisted they were starving. BB looks at me and says “Hey Mommy can I have one of those cresto tortillas with the weeds?” I cracked up laughing, which is rare these days. I told him sure and told him it was called Pesto and that they weren’t weeds they were sprouts…although I must confess I think they don’t taste all that great myself and are comparable to some kind of weed but I have not shared this fact with BB.

On another note we are preparing to throw BB a Pirate birthday bash this Saturday. He turned 6 last week and we are being blessed with help for throwing him a real “friend party” as he puts it. Working on realizing that its not about impressing the other kids or parents as much as it is about celebrating the gift God gave us when BB was born and making his party day special and memorable for him. A couple kids from his class are coming and some neighbor and church friends too, should be very fun for them.

Har matees have an amazing Monday!



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Posted by on June 27, 2011 in BB, Say WHAT? Wednesday!


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