Long time no see blogosphere!

29 Oct

Hey guys sorry it has been so long. I wanted to write and update and let you all know whats going on with the family since I last posted, in cases anyone still checks this blog. This summer has been and extremely trying season for our family. BB especially has been having the roughest time.
This july DH and I seperated it came up as a surprise too me but it really shouldnt have . Since then the kids and I have gotten our own place and are trying to do our best to live life as normal as we can, even thought I know we all feel that giant hole that has been created in our home by their dad not being here. DH and I are trying to works one things but it is a slow process. I know that God has us in his hands and that no matter what happens the ending is already good because of what Jesus did for us on the cross. I was reminded of that the other day by my friend A, and it was something I really needed to hear. BB as you already know does not transition well . So this situation has really pushed him over the edge and I have been dealing with some pretty extreme behavior. On top of the DH situation BB also had another unplanned transition thrust upon him. The director of special programsch in our district decided that he was too be moved out of Ms. B’s class and into a new slcb class in a different school. Lets just says that that didnt go over too well, not too mention web only got about a week and a halfs notice bevore school started that this was happening. Since school started bb has knocked over a desks thrown chairs a few times kicked a teacher and ran away from the classroom. Its only been in the past couple weeks that his behaviors at school have mellowed out. Im so thankful but I hope things at home do the same soon too. I seriously have a permabruise one my shinn from getting repeatedly kicked one a daily basis. I hope too be blogging again more but it may be sporatic since im having to get a job. So take care readers and keep us in your prayers.

Mama C

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