MamaC going back to school?

07 Dec

Ok so during this whole transition with dh and I being seperated I have had to do a lot of thinking and planning and re thinking about life and how its going to look from now on for the kidlets and I and all five of us should dh and I work things out. Ive always loved working with kids and ive been interested in working with special needs kids ever since i got introduced to the special needs world with my boys. Im seriously terrified about workong or going back to school but i do know that i want to enjoy my job and i feel God is leading me toward this field. He showed me just why and how much i love working with kids with autism the other day. This happend when i got the rare chance of making thirty seconds of eye contact with a three year old boy who is non verbal and doesnt make eye contact. I was holding both his hands and aplying deep pressure squeezes to his palms in time to the circle time song i was singing to him. He got a giant smile on his face and looked me straight in the eyes. It was that moment i was thinking “this makes it worth it, if i can have moments like this and impact the lives of kids even for a second even though its not an easy job and there will be plenty of hard moments and school is scary…i dont care im going back to school” so i completed my fafsa for sprong term and am taking my placememt tests next week even thoigh it scares tje bejesus out of me. I know ill place quite low in math so im trying to find oit a way to pay for one winter term math course on my


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