santa or no santa that is the question

19 Dec

Santa Clause. Hes taken over Christmas in our culture. Now before you all get mad just take a step back and look at all the advertising and even the art your kids bring home from school. Unless they are home schooled or private christian schooled i bet they arent bringing home any baby Jesus art this season. When Bb was born dh and I decided we wouldnt do santa. And weve struggled every year to hold it fast even though my mom ignores us and writes from santa on some of her gifts every year. However a few years ago, maybe when bb was four? We had a disgussion about st nicholaus who was the real santa clause and that he loved Jesus and did acts of kindness for people during Christmas in Jesus name to show his love to people. What did my little concrete thinker get out of this? That santa is dead. And thus began an even bigger problem. I now not only had to worry that hed crush some poor kids dreams about santa ( which isnt allowed we keep our not doing santa to ourselves) now i have to worry about him telling them hes dead! Lb suddenly started asking his year when santa was coming and if he was bringing presents. It threw me for a loop that he had started believing on his own. I melted i couldnt tell him there isnt a santa. His large baby blues staring at me. But then of course bb says very loudly “no LB! SANTAS PASSED AWAY!” LB however wasnt too phased hes used to his brother talking this way so so far ye still asks when is santa coming. Bb never believed it for a second so i jever had to rethink our santa decision. But my kids are each different and as long as im still speaking Jesus truth to lb and ls who cares if they believe in santa for a bit? other than bb of course who would love to announce to the world that “santa passed away!”. So do you do the santa thing? How do you handle your kids telling others theres no.santa or getting told there isnt one? Discuss akd comment!
Love, MamaC

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Posted by on December 19, 2011 in BB, General, LB


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