first day back at school, and Mamma’s still coughing up a lung

03 Jan

Today was the first day back after the holliday break. Parents around the world breathed a sigh of relief as public schoolers, private schoolers and home schoolers went back to their weekly school routines. My children and I are no exception. When my alarm went off this morning and it was time to get BB up for school I was excited he was getting back to his weekly routine, that WE were going back to the more predictable school week happenings. But I was a little sad too, that our extra time together was over. No more random midmorning games of hi ho cherrio or “uno” games where we are just throwing cards on the pile until they are all gone. No more random tickle fights or hide and go seek games. But also no more constant asking of “when is school”, no more extra meltdowns between the hours of 8am and 3pm mon-fri and no more little brothers with fat lips and big brothers in teouble for causing them. Well at least not during the hours of 8am to 3pm mon-fri.
However what is still happening is THE COUGHING! I still have this hacking cough and the crud that comes with it. LB still has a runny nose and small cough as well as BB. LS seems to be doing ok, so far we havent gotten her sick a second time. I’m thinking a call to the doctor is in order tomorrow. A friend told me that there is an out break of whooping cough going on in our county. And that adults have been getting it bc our childhood vaccines weaken over time. hopefully thats not it, but we shall see as soon as good ol Dr L. has an opening to see me. Im looking forward to being healthy again and starting off the new year with the kids here in our new home with some more goals to work together to keep it looking like a tornado DID NOT hit it.

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