Math 60! Woot Woot!

10 Jan

Today I went up to the community college and took my placement tests for when I start school spring term. I went in thinking I would basically tank the math portion and place in math 10 Or 20 but I didnt! I am proud to say that I placed into Math 60! Math 60 is only Algebra 1 but it is way higher than I thought I would place on my own. And it means I actually retained some knowledge from the math 20 class that I took almost 8 years ago. Towards the end of the test I was just randomly clicking answers so I really am proud /shocked that I placed as high as I did. Now I have two things left to figure out. One is wether or not I am going for my aaot transfer degree so I can eventually get a batchelors in early childhood special ed at our local state school. Or if im just going for the two year ece degree offered at the community college. The other is child care. I do not want to put my kidlets in day care and I dont think that I could find one that is capeable of handling BB. My mother in law said she could probably do it but theres still the logistics to work out about what times and how i can figure out paying her something. God got me through the placement tests I know he will help me fig out the rest. Heres to a new year with new adventures and new experiences and MATH 60!

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