LS Turns 5, Snow?, BB and the ADOS and more…

17 Jan

Yesterday (which still feels like today for me since I haven’t yet gone to bed ) was LS ‘ fifth birthday. The day she was born we had a snow storm, which have come to be few and far between around our elevation in our part of Oregon over the years. Today I was feeling a bit nostalgic as we had snow fluries and biting cold weather all day. I told LS about it snowing when she was born and she was very tickled by it. She was excited all day about turning five. She told anyone and everyone she could that today was her “birfday” and she was five. I could tell she felt very special, esp when she got four seperste phone calls from different family members wishing her a happy birthday. I love seeing her so excited and feeling so loved. We had a small affair at home I made her birthday brownies (gf friendly so LB could have some too) extra special with cream cheese in them and chocolate frosting. ( we plan to do a princess birthday party with friends in a couple of weeks, complete with castle cake thanks to Aunt N and her fabtastic martha stuart skills) Earlier in the day the kids spent some time visiting my Dad and Step Mom. LS recieved a bike with training wheels and a helmet for her birthday from them. She was already pedaling down the drive way grinning feom ear to ear as DH and I pulled out of the drive on our way to take BB to his doctor appointment.
Which brings me to my other topic. BB had his anual neuro developmental pediatrician appointment today with Dr R. We discussed his struggle over the school year and his strides hes made in the two weeks back since winter break. She strongly suggests meds I am still
struggling with agreeing to medicate my six year old. I have done some research on using high doses of vitamin b6 and magnesium to treat agression and other symptoms of autism (info obtained from the book “eating for autism”) Dr R agreed to me teying this with BB while we get his counceling back on track and then if we dont see the amount of resukts we need in two months make an informational appt with the psychiatrist to discuss options of traditional non stimulant medication. Im happy with this compromise because I know God knows whats best for our son and that he will make clear what is the right decision in his timing. Dr R also decided its time to start finally talki.g about a formal medical dx. we have had the mental health dx of high fu.ctioning autism for two years but not a medical one. She has scheduled BB to go through the ADOS test on March 7th. ADOS is the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule. Its a play based screening tool used to diagnose autism spectrum dissorders. I am a little anxious about this testing
as sometimes BB can come off quite docile during testing if not given the right enviromnet or pushing to be his true self. I wNt the tester to get the whole pictue of him as acurately as possable.zo we can get the most accurate dx as possible. I guess thats where more faith and orayer come in to play.
All in all with our big busy day today it was a rather enjoyable one,some things to look forward to and pray about but I know it will all work.out for Gods glory in the end. I feel really good about today and all that wS accomplished both big and little. I am truly a blessed mamma with three of the most beautiful. intelligent and insplring kidlets in the world.

And with that I say good night blogosphere sweet dreams!

nervous about them. However I have done some research on using high doses of vitamin B6 and magnesium (most info found in the book “eating for autism”) and we were able to reach a compromise we were all happy with. I will try the supplements first for a month or so while we re estabkish counceling

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    sorry about the missplaced duplicate bit on the end Im having a problem being able to edit properly on my tablet and its the only computer ish device i have right now.


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