R E S P I T E oh how much you mean to me!

20 Jan

RESPITE. RELIEFE. REST. When you are a parent of a special needs child or multiple special needs children these arent words you hear often or things that you get often either. reguardless of wether your children who have special needs are high or low functioning.
This weekend dh and I have the opporotunity to participate in a respite event put on at a local church. They have invited families with special needs kids in the community to come and drop off our children and their siblings for three ENTIRE HOURS so that we the parents can get some respite. For some of these parents this will be the first date day in months, the first time they can sit acrost a restraunt table from one another and just be relaxed grown ups together. We are blessed to have our parents take the kids for a couple hours once in a while but still any kind of respite doesnt come often or in so we take whaT we can get. Espcially during this time of seperation it is important to take time for us to date each other again. And I will be painfully honest here, today this mama felt like if she didnt get a break from all the screaming, spitting, headbanging, constant question asking and swearing etc. I just may start doing some of it myself. Dont missunderstand me I LOVE my babies and I face their challenges head on to help them and to love them into being the best them they can be. But every now and then every mom and dad need a break. I am very greatful for tomorrow and also for tonight as dh (since it is his weekend with the kids) had the kidlets while I went out to Gustavs happh hour with my friend M. As I am looking forward to tomorrow I am truly feeling blessed and resting in the fact that God sees me when I am tired and needing a break amd he gives it when we truly need it. Thanks Pappa 🙂

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