All Gods Children Respite Event

24 Jan

This past Saturday DH and our and I kids got to participate in a Special Needs ministries respite event We got to drop our kids off at Good Shepherd church for three hours. While the kidlets got loved on and cared for by the awesome volunteers, DH and I got to go to breakfast with three of the other families. It was really nice to be able to fellowship with people who understand where we are coming from being the parents of special needs children. I love being around other couples and spending time with Christian couples together. DH usually does not, hes really not people person. So imagine my surprise when he talked almost more than I did! He engaged with the other husbands and truly seemed to enjoy himself. I loved seeing him like this and It reminded me why I fell in loce with him. It allowed me to see the him I saw beforw all the stressses of life took him away piece by piece. Im hoping we get to go to the next All Gods Children event. The kids also really enjoyed themselves and got to come away with four cds of kids worship songs and chatichism memorization to music by a ministry called songs for saplings. The lady who does it led worship for the kids during the event. Ive never seen my three so eager to sing worship! So I can not say thank you enough to the ministry team of AGC who see a need in special needs families. And show Gods love to us by caring for our children once and a while and allowing us as parents to connect with each other for support.
I look forward to getting to know the other moms I met more and growing in community with these other families. This week is proving to be a challenge so the rezpite was wonderful way to kick off the week. Hope you all have a blessed one!

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