“You just are making me SO MAD!!! SO MAD! SO MAD! SO MAD!!

26 Jan

“YOU ARE JUST MAKING ME SO MAD!, SO MAD, SO MAD , SO MAD!!!” This is wha BB was screaming at me for nearly an hour this afternoon after school. Why? bc I was asking well actually rather telling him that he needed to pick up the neighbors outside bench that he had hurled during his tantrum. Poor guy was so angry that I couldn figur out how to help him fix his angry birds game on my tablet that he had completely flipped his lid. And I know it really had nothing to do with the tablet or game, but that he was so exhausted from yet another excellent day at school that he just couldnt process any more of anything just then. The game was supposed to be his reward and a way to help him relax after school and before we did some work in his Handwriting Without Tears workbook. Obviously this crashed and burned. It has been like this every day this week after school. Transitions are hard for him. Im doing everything I can think of to help make it better. We have instrumented pictur schedules for our day and a stricter after school routine, which is something we are transitioning into. (which may be part of the problem bc its new and a transition and BB doesnt do these things well at all, depending on the thing it can take him up to six months to transition well into something new. It took four and a half months of bad school behavior to transition
from his old class to his new one)I am also going to be starting a new
vitamin regimine of vitamin b6 and magnezium and giving him
fermentedc od liver oil every day which for some kids have been reported
to work really well in decreasing mood swings and unwanted behaviors. I
wanted to cry with him today. I just want BB to be able to self regulate,
to be a happy consistant kid, and to be able to WITHOUT
medication. God knows these desires of my heart, and he knows whats
truly best for my little boy. I just have to rest and teust in that. and right
now today Im having ahard time doing that. Im constantly going over in
my head wether I should give in to Dr R and just have BB medicated. But
yet then I look at my son amd I just cant do it. Not without trying the
natural stuff first. So I will wait and I will pray amd I will continue to ride
out these rough days the best I can. I find peace in my faveorite bible
” for i know the plans i have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper
you, not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11″ this verse which is what I will leave you with today

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