M Household Weekend Happenings

28 Jan

Well folks it is Saturday morning in our neck of the woods. Somewher around a quarter to eight am. You know what? I have yet to sleep, yup you heard me right im going on now 24 hrs without sleep, actually 25 because I got up at seven am yesterday morning. Some of you would probably tell me “go to bed! take a nap!” But alas I cannot, BB woke up at six thirty bright eyed, bushy tailed and has not stopped happily chattering since. He even chattered through his gluten free whole o’s cereal with honey greek yogurt mixed in. LS and LB are still dozing, this is sleeping in for them they are usually up and at em by seven or seven thirty.
Today will be a busy day, well kind of busy. Today we all pretty much have something to do. BB is going on a few hour visit to Grandpa R’s house at one, LS is going on her belated birthday over nighter to Grandma P’s and LB and I are holding down the fort here. Well except for a trip to the store to pick up the food for LS’s belated princess themed birthday party that we are having after church tomorrow. She is SO EXCITED! And truth be told so am I even though Im the lame mommy whos only making dip and chopping veggies and fruit for this party. The princess part? Well that has been graciously been taken over by my
sister Aunt N. She is making a castle cake complete with fondant and
heading up the craft. The little princesses and princes will be making
their own princess hats (the renesance cone type with the ribbons on
top) and crowns. Well actually Aunt N is making them the kids are
decorating them. Aunt N, ye be my heroine. Hopefully this goes smoothly.
This is only my third kids “friend” party that ive hosted. The last one was
BBs pirate birthday and i kind of feel like it was a dud in the theme dept,
not piratey enough. I did that one mostly my self the planning and
everything N still helped though. she actually did tue follow through of the
games and kept the mini matees from killing on another while waiting to oin the x on the treasure. (did I mention my sister is a pre school teacher?). So anyways other than Church meeting in the morning the party and a counceling session for dh and I Sunday evening thats our weekend in a nutshell. And hopefully some sleep for this mama tonight. What are your weekend plans? Feel free to share and comment below

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