Princess Party!!!

29 Jan

Today we had LS’s fifth birthday party. It was a princess themed party. She was so very excited. So excited infact that she insisted on wearing her princess dress to church, because she couldnt wait til her party to wear it. It was a really good turn out LS and six of her little princess friends S, J, A, S#2, J#2, and P, plus one prince (LB). BB got his party privealages revoked and had to stay at my house with DH, due to his choice in behavior at church this morning.
LS and LB and I stayed after church to decorate the fellowship hall and chop fruit and veggies for the party. Aunt N came a little later to assemble the awesome castle cake she had made. LS adored her cake. Id love to post pictures but ill have to wait til I have a real computer for that. The craft was a little gluey and messy but the princesses and prince loved decorating their own princess hats(crown in LBs case). I have red glitter glue on my jeans to prove it! All in all it was a really good party, got to visit with some friends I dont get to see too often anymore. The best part was seeing how hapoy LS was and watching how special this made her feel. I really do feel so blessed to have been given a daughter to raise. My beautiful, funny, sweet natured, stubborn,goofy LS. life would mot be life without her! So happy big 05 LS Mommy loves you so much!

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