To Melatonin or to Not Melatonin That is the Question

31 Jan

It is past ten pm. I can hear LB upstairs in his bed playing with toys, which is a slight change from coming downstairs every five minutes. Weve been doing this dance since seven thirty pm tonight. We do it nearly every night. He and LS are always staying up amd tryimg to play even though they are in seperate rooms. LS is finally asleep, but LB hes still goimg strong. Im now taking the ignore him approach. Hoping he will soon sleep. The only nights he doesnt do this are the nights I give him melatonin thirty minutes before bedtime. And even then sometimes that doesnt work. There are no clear studies or facts about what long term melatonin use does to kids. So I try to not use it very often. It is a natural supplement but even those can have long term effects if used for long periods. I want him to have a regular sleep schedule and get enough sleep without the melatonin. we have a strict bedtime routine and time and I do my best to make sure all three kiddos get a lot of energy running out time during the day when weather permits. Like today we walked to the church and played with BB’s new stomp rocket in the very large field like yard, played on the play structure and then walked home. BB as usual was out like a light about ten min after getting in bed. I wish I knew why the other two have tis need to fight bedtime so hard. Do any of you other parents out there use melatonin for your kiddos? have you found anything more than I have about its effects? If anyone has any ideas or any info please let me know!
yours truly,
a tired MamaC


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2 responses to “To Melatonin or to Not Melatonin That is the Question

  1. Sila

    January 31, 2012 at 11:07 pm

    I use melatonin on myself and my bf uses it occasionally too. I’m HFA and he’s just ADHD, but both of us have trouble settling down at night. While we aren’t out and about playing at night time when it’s time to sleep, we’ll be laying down in bed tossing and turning unable to settle. Our minds will be racing and we can’t sleep. a 2.5 mg dose of Melatonin for me helps me sleep through the night, as well as my weighted blanket. The same dose sometimes helps my bf, but it doesn’t always help. He probably needs to use a higher dose, but neither of us have a doctor to talk to so we’re just winging it. I haven’t had any negative side effects of it, and honestly? If it helps, it helps. Not enough sleep is detrimental to a kid’s growth, and emotional well being. I know that I’m grumpy all day and cranky if I don’t get at least 7 hours. I’m completely off sensory wise, and it’s just a horrible day.

    • momwhoprays05

      January 31, 2012 at 11:10 pm

      they take ip to five mg of delayed release melatonin. our dr said we could go as high as six mg.


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