Vitamins and Play Therapy

01 Feb

Some of you may remember my enraged post from last year about BB losing his beloved play therapist “T”. Since then we have been matched with a man named “J” who is ok, not the specialist like T was in kids like BB and certainly doesnt mesh as well. but we are trying.
Today BB went to see J and I went in with him as I usually do for the first portion. J informed me that they have just hired a new therapist ” D” and that she specializes in behavior modification and has tons of experience with kids with the behavior issues BB has and asked me if we would like to switch therapists. I practically jumped for joy out of my seat. Not bc I have a dislike for J or anything, he is quite nice. But bc I hve been praying all year since the loss of T for God to match BB with the right therapist. Someone who can really strike to the heart of kur issues and help give me more tools to use effectively at home. I feel like this is really an answer to prayer. So next week D will come to our session with J so we can officially meet her and discussion how to best transition BB from J to D with as kittle upset to BB as possible. Thank you God for hearing my prayer and for giving us what we need when we need it!
A little up date on the vitamin regimine front. I have decided to hold off starting it until BB does the ADOS test. That way they get avtrue picture of him not on any meds or supplememts. So we can get a clear dx if there is one to bbe had. I also researched online and figured out whee I will purchase everhthing and how much the cost will be. Turns out it will be around ninety bucks but I wil only have to purchase every two to three months so its really not bad. I feel like things are on track right mow. Even though we are definately strugglimg with behaviors at home and in public. I am choosing to be grateful for the vast improvement in his school behavior and what a true blessing it really is. Although we still miss Ms B deeply both BB and I have come to truly admire andove Ms L and she is doing all she can to shpport him at home as well as school. Again i feel this was a God tbing. I was really scared when he got taken out of Ms b’s class that we would get ateacher that didnt really get BB nad that hed suffer. but its truly the opposite. It toom til now for him to transition but it shouldnt have come as a surprise to me. So again I say THANK YOU to my father God who sees me amd my children amd who meets us where we are and provodes whT we need when we truly meed it not when we think we do. What are you thankful for in your life today? any victories big or small youd like to share? feel free!

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