Date Night at GU

04 Feb

This week was the second week of GU also known as generation unleashed. GU is a youth event put on by a local church that I used to go to every year when I was in high school. My mother is still involved with her chueches youth group so she still goes every year. They have had to split it into two.conferences on two different eeekends because so.many people want to go. Last weekend was the first weekend and Mom noticed that my fave youth pastor whom I partcially named BB after was speaking last night. She called me up and asked if DH and I would like to go hear him lreach forba date night if she watched the kids. Ofcourse I immediately txted dh and asked if hed go. He said yes and we ended up going. Unfortunately the pastor we went to see ended up not being there bc he had been double booked and was at a different conference.somewhere else. We stayed anyway to hear the guy who replaced him and his message was really good. It spoke as much to the adults as it did to tje teens it was aimed at. Afterwards dh and i hit up Sheris(which is open 24hrs) for breakfast/late dinner. All in all it was a good date night with minimal arguing. And thats all I got for ya today blogosphere. Other than after we got home Grandma P took LS on her first grandma sleep over without her brothers. They plan on going out for coffee/hot chocolate and breakfast and then catch a matinee of beauty and the beast at a local theater. LS is really excited. Have a happy saturday!

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