New Therapist

07 Feb

Today I took BB for his regular appointment with J and towards the middle he pulled in D our new therapist so we could all get aquainted. D seems very nice and very knoweldgeable about behavorial modification. She used to train behavorial class teachers just like ms. B and Ms L on how to handle behaviors in the classroom. BB decided to pretty much ignore her majority of the time. I was able to fill her in on his triggers amd how he doesnt transition well at all. She nodded understandingly and said next session we will jump right in with some tools and games to play. BB didnt seem to care much but I for one am really excited for next tuesday. This kind of play therapy/behavior modification will be our norm atleast until we get the official results of the ADOS test. If the ADOS comes back showing a medical dx of autism we will get to explore otjer options for behavorial therapies and also social skills groups. Id love to get him into a good day treatment place for kids on the spectrum where he can go to a social skills group. March seventh can’t get here soon enough. Well thats the update for now folks. Happy Tuesday!

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