Victory!LB Pooped in the potty!(come on you were dying to know this)

08 Feb


After my agrivated posting this morning I thought Id share a quick bit about the victory we just had. LB went into the bathroom sat down and went number two all on his own without even tellimg me he was going to! Im so excited I took this silly picture. You see LB is nearly four and still in diapers. I have been trying in vain for almost  a year to potty train him. And for the past three or four months have KNOWN FOR SURE hes ready and knows when he needs to go. He just refuses to do so. Occasionally LB will pee in the potty but thats it. Then suddenly today he just goes in and goes! Hopefully this is the start of a new trend and LB will start to wear underwear soon. I made a huge deal of it just to strike the good thing home. High fives and lots of praise. I even told him if he keeps going poop on the potty that he can try wearing underwear this weekend and become an underwear friend. He really seemed to like this idea. Im so proud!
a very happy MamaC
p.s. who knew poop could make one so giddy?

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One response to “Victory!LB Pooped in the potty!(come on you were dying to know this)

  1. Apryl Miller

    February 8, 2012 at 12:10 pm

    Awesome! LB not so Little B now. Little Ray has been on rare occasion in the middle of no where going to the potty on his own, a resent development of about a week ago and he has done it 3 times. Still waiting on the rest of it to come along but atleast he is finally getting to the point that he decided he wants to instead of demanding the diaper. Hoping I have him and Sissy well on thier way before baby is born.


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