R.E.S.T. and a Little Reflection

09 Feb

Tonight I get to go to the first meeting of a monthly support group for moms of special needs kids in my area called R.E.S.T. It stands for Rejuvination Encouragement Support and Truth. Im really excited to be able to meet with other moms who are also believers and who also get where Im coming from as a mother of a child with challenges. Its good to connect with others who just get it sometimes. Although last night I was reminded that although my church family might not always get it or agree they do love us and want to stand behind me in helping to shepherd BB. I am very much looking forward to the R.E.S.T. night, but I am also glad that God reminded me of something last night at home community. BB IS NOT HIS DIAGNOSES. I get way too caught up in the fact that my child may or may not have this or that dx that I forget that hes MY CHILD, given to me by God for a reason. And like all children and adults he has a sinners heart first and it is my job as his mom to shepherd that out of him. It is my job as BB’s mom and a follower of Christ to be in the word daily and take quiet time with the Lord daily so thT I am equipt to parent these three little ones. And so that what I am professing with my mouth is really reflected in my heart as well as my actions not just how I say something. As my mother would say ” Just because your in mcdonalds doesnt make you a french fry and just becuase you go to church doesnt make you a Christian” She means what Ive been saying, it has to be  aheart change first and it was what I was being told last night as well. I need to really let Gods truth be in my heart and that will begin to change my attitude towards parenting and life in general. I am really grateful God placed us in a church family where people really do love Jesus and strive to live him out in their daily lives. I am glad that I have Godly parenting examples in my friends there. Are they perfect parents? not by any means but they allow God to help them.parent and that makes all the difference. Sometimes I just need a gentle reminder what this life thing is all about and what parentiing kids special needs or not as a parent who professes Christ is all about. So thanks hc friends for last night. I really needed it. And thank you God for them to be bold in speaking into my life and that my heart was prepared to recieve it.  Thats all I have for right now. not sure how much sense I made but it was what was on my heart. Still looking fwd to the support group tonight.

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One response to “R.E.S.T. and a Little Reflection

  1. Heather

    February 9, 2012 at 4:58 pm

    Thank you for sharing Chelsea!


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