Its 4:11 am Do You Know Where Your Three Year Old Is?

14 Feb

It is 4:11 am in these here part of the woods. Do you know where your three year old is? I know where mine is and it sure isn’t in his bed. Nooooo he in MY BED. Could someone please tell me how it is that a normal sized three year old boy such as LB can occupy as much space in a queen sized bed as an adult? For the moment i have given up on sleep due to the getting kicked and elbowed and drooled on. Now I know some of you out there would simply tell me to move him or not let him in in the first place. Ill tell you why not for both accounts. One if I move him he will wake up and scream, waking tje other two who will then begin to scream and then I will be fighting them back to bed for a good hour. Two I know i’ve created my own monster letting him get away with coming my bed at night but this reason is much like tue first. If i say “no go back to your own bed” he starts to wail and then the other kids wake up and wail and then NO ONE gets sleep. So for now until I find a better solution he gets his way and I complain even though its my fault in the first place. Some nights, like last night both boys end up in my bed and I end up on LBs bottom of the boys bunk bed. Some day I will get the guts to just deal with it and enforce everyone in their own beds. But for now atleast this is our life and Mommys bed feels safe. I guess thats kind of a compliment of sorts. So im done with my rant ish thing and will now try to go back to sleep.
A very tired and drooled on

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