Just a normal day and something cute my kid said

16 Feb

Today was just a normal day. Got off to a rough start when BB missed his morning bus bc I didnt hear my alarm this morning. But other than that it was a normal day. LB and LS got off to school without a hitch. I got a pleasant surprise that my financial aid award letter arived in my college email in box today. I got a good amount for a one term sized pell grant. My friendAimage

let me come over to her house and do My fall FAFSA and print out my award letter to mail in to the financial aid office at school. I am really excited but very nervouse all of a sudden. Realizing that my financial aid is for going full time and that meams takimg twelve credits which means like four classes, studying for FOUR Classes and taking care of three kids, a house, cooking trying to coordinate their appointments and basically doing it mostly alone. Thankfully my MIL sais shed help with child care as much as she can. I cant tell her enough how thankful/greatful I am for that.  I just have to take a deep breath keep praying amd head forward.
   Now for the cute thing my kid said today portion. For dinner I made cheeseburger zucchini boats with coconut flour cheddar biscuits. BB says to me after eating one :”Mommy you have to give me that recipe when Im a grown up bc those biscuits are yummy. And I want to make them for my kids when I get married.” He is so stinking cute sometimes, well ok all the time but sometimes hes really really extra cute. Thats all for today folks.

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Posted by on February 16, 2012 in BB, General, LB, LS


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