Ash Wednesday

22 Feb

So it has come to my attention that today is Ash Wednesday. It totally snuck up on me! Its the first day of Lent and I haven’t even began to think of what I should fast/give up for Lent. I know several people, DH included feel I should give up Facebook or blogging or all media in general. They are probably right. The fact that I DON’T want to do it so bad is a direct indicator that that’s what I should be parting ways with for the next forty days. Maybe I won’t go cold turkey and do all media maybe just my most destractive one, being Facebook. I tried to give up Facebook for lent three years ago and failed miserably. The whole point of giving up something for Lent or fasting in general, is to use the time you would have been doing the thing you are giving up praying and spending more time with God. Really focusing on what Jesus did on the cross, drawing closer to him in that time. So as I’m writing this I think I’m making up my mind to fast from Facebook for Lent. It will be really hard for me, because that’s usually how I get grown up talking time, talking to my friends on FB.

Are you giving up anything for Lent this year? Why or why not and what and why? I’d love to hear all your thoughts on Lent and what it means to you out there. Happy Ash Wednesday!



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