Two Days….

24 Feb

Well it is Friday folks. Beginning of day two with no Facebook for this Mama, and I am embarrassed to say that Im really struggling with not logging on to the stupid social network. Being a  SAHM (stay at home mom) right now, who also doesn’t currently drive(I know I know pathetic right?) FB has become my outlet to the “real world” and a way to talk to people when my kids are in bed. Even if its people Ill see at church on Sunday or a friend I could just pick up the phone and call. It seems easier to just contact them through Facebook. And not just my convenience either but for theirs. 8-10 times I could call someone and get no answer but txt them or fb them and I get an almost immediate response. So I kind of gave up on calling friends, never mind that no one ever calls me either(eh hemmm). I hate being that annoying person that when you look at your phone and see its me you go oh man don’t have time for your drama right now and let it go to voice mail. And I tend to feel like that person a lot. I’ve never felt like I belonged particularly anywhere in social groups in high school. I tried FFA and Drama and liked them but never really had any lasting relationships come from them like you here so many people talk about. Truth be told I was more a friend to my friends in high school than they almost ever were to me. Now as an adult I tend to still approach relationships on the high school level I guess, waiting to be included in what I feel is the cool crowd. I don’t want to have to chase after friends and force myself upon them. it’d be nice if someone would reach out to me once in a while and say hey I actually want to hang out with YOU and get to know YOU. Instead of people telling me to try, because honestly I don’t see it working much. And I know the people I want to be friends with have lives too and are moms too, but they seem to have time for each other so whats one more in their crowd? I’m good enough on Sundays and weds why not during the week. I’m sure someone is bound to be offended by my saying that and please don’t be. I didn’t write this to be offensive to anyone but this is really how I’m feeling right now. Maybe I should reach out more anyways, maybe I’ll try it. But honestly i’m not expecting much more results than I’ve already gotten. Well that is enough  of me whining for now. Hopefully there will be more growing and less lonliness during this whole Lent process. Happy Friday.


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Posted by on February 24, 2012 in General


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