The ADOS is Coming…..

28 Feb

It’s Feb 28th and BB’s ADOS test is in just a few days. This test will not define my son it will not define me it will help us decide whether or not he gets an official medical dx of autism or not however. ADOS stands for Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule. I still don’t know a lot about the test as it is fairly new here and there are only six US doctors trained to administer the test. here is a link to another Autism mommy blogger who knows more about the ADOS and explains it a lot better than I.


I’ve been reading her post a lot lately as the test draws closer. it will be a turning point for our family and BB whatever the results are. I’m tryign to do my best and trust God with y son and know that he knows whats going on and he designed and created BB the way he is for a reason. I just want to know how to love him and nurture him and train him up the best as possible. No matter what the results of any test are. But still I am anxious. Please be praying for us as a family on March 7th the test is at 8am. Thanks!



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