Im Going to a Wedding and Oh yeah the Little brother Almost Got Shanked…For Real

02 Mar

This weekend I get to go to my dear friend J’s wedding. I am very excited to be able to get a small break away from the kiddos (it’s DH’s weekend) and get to celebrate with J and A on their joyous occasion three hours away from my home in a different state. They happen to live in the next state over.

In other news I just got a call from my little brother J, he is an intern at the LA Dream Center read about it here .) They minister to the communities of Watts and Compton which are not very good neighborhood. Our running joke/slash seriousness has been at the end of every phone call for me to say “I love you and don’t get shanked”. Turns out last Friday he almost did. Every Friday he goes out with a certain ministry to help reach out to street youth and prostitutes on a certain corner in one of these neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are very thick with gang activity. He actualy cant wear certain colors when going to certain parts of town. Anyways back to Friday. J and a group of others from the ministry he was with were standing on a corner and chatting with a homeless guy when suddenly a medium sized group of young men came running up to them, yelling and screaming, speaking so rapidly he couldnt nderstand the main speaker. When J looked down he realised the guy had  a knife. Eventually it all got worked out when one of the offending groups guys realised my brothers group wasnt gang affiliated and convinced the big guy to turn around and leave. Thank you God for Protecting J and his friends! Its a definite reminder that he is living in a world very different than mine right now.

Hope you all have a good weekend, Love You and Dont get shanked!


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