ADOS Tomorrow

06 Mar

Well it is upon us, March 7th is tomorrow, and BB is going through his ADOS test. I feel conflicted bc so many people are now saying they don’t really think he’s on the spectrum even though he has some “spectrummy behaviors”. D his play therapist even whipped out the DSM IV for me today and walked me through why she felt he wouldn’t meet the criteria. I should be over joyed right? But I just feel frustrated that shes not seeing theBB that I know, not seeing the behaviors that we see at home and school that have caused us to question all along about Autism. Ms B tries to reassure me that she thinks the ADOS will place him on the spectrum and he will get the services he needs. I just cant help but fear, what if he has a really good therapy type day and they don’t pick up on any of the stuff that I know is there? BB tends to do well in very calm quiet therapy like structured environments esp if there’s only him and one or two adults present. Like today with D. I’m trying to trust God I’m trying to lay this at his feet but its so stinking hard. We’ve had the PDDNOS mental health dx since Dec 2009. I’ve gotten used to the fact that BB has very high functioning Autism of some sort. But what if they were wrong? What then? I just want answers for my son, for our family. Please be praying for the utmost accuracy from this test tomorrow that the doctor and speech pathologist administering the test will see an accurate picture of BB and that I will be able to accept whatever the results turn out to be. Thanks friends.



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3 responses to “ADOS Tomorrow

  1. Jennifer

    March 7, 2012 at 9:27 pm

    How did it go? Thought of you today. When will you get results? Feel free to send me an email. I miss hearing about your family. Hope you are doing well. Much love and blessings sent your way.

  2. momwhoprays05

    March 11, 2012 at 9:43 am

    It went OK, I let him bring legos bc it was the only way to get him peacefully out of the house and quiet in the waiting area. He was hyper-focused on them the entire time almost. even though I said he had to ut them away when the dr came out thats not what happend. He multi tasked though, always fiddeling with the legos in his lap while doing what Dr D asked. Stopping to pick one up if it fell, the legos were def the most imprtant thing to him, I hope the DR wrote that down since hyper-focusinf is an ASD symptom. but im not sure bc he barely spoke to me didnt ask me any questions at all, which I found wierd. usually theres a parent part to these tests I thought. We arent scheduld for our dr R followup/results meeting til mid May but Im hoping one of them will call me withthe results. The social worker you referred me to set a note in her calender to remind them to do that and Dr D said he would try when his report was finalised but no promises. So now we just wait, I hate waiting!

  3. Jennifer

    March 12, 2012 at 10:18 am

    Oh good, i’m really glad you got in contact with the medical social worker. i hope she is helping you get going on some of the other things we talked about. I’m glad to hear that the test is done, and I’m sure that he took notice of his hyper-focus. It is strange that he didn’t ask you many questions, but I have taken my son to many a tests where they don’t want parent input. Maybe this one was more of observe the child kind of thing.
    My dude started his new day treatment program last week. Rough start but things are coming along now. We see Dr. Sacks later this month…i think the 20th. If you are at the office that day, I hope to see you. 🙂 Take care and do keep in touch.


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