School…And BB’s ADOS Results

10 Apr

So I am in week two of school now. I am taking three classes. Math 20, Multicultural Education, and Helping Children and Families Cope With Stress. I’m finding school a good distractor from the major drama going on in my life right now with DH and I. School is stressful but fun too and tiring all at once. I was origionally in math 50 but the first day of class I quickly realized it was too hard for me and switched to math 20. Math 20 is much easier so far.

As for BB and his ADOS results, his ADOS came back as non spectrum believe it or not. They test in two areas, communication and interaction. His communication score was not high enough to score on the autism sectrum and his interaction score was rigth at the cut off mark, so jhis cobmined score did not place him on the autism spectrum for the ADOS test. Now we have not officially met with Dr R to discuss the results or her official dx or anyother testing, that happens in May,. I just called and got the results over the phone. There is still a chance she may lable PDDNOS medically, we shall see. I am a bit confused bc i know BB has a lot of “spectrummy” issues but we will see how it all washes out in the end as far as a medical dx goes.

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