M Family Updates

11 Oct

Wow it has been a super long time since I’ve blogged. Things are pretty much the same for the most part. DH and I are still seperated and I suspect he will be filing for divorce when he gets either his school loan money or his tax return. I really don’t want a divorce but in this day and age and living in a state that has “no contest” divorce I really don’t have a choice if he files.

As you already know spring term 2012 was my first term back in college it was super tough at times but i managed to pull two B’s and a C for my final grades. Surprisingly enough the C was NOT in math! Summer went pretty smoothly BB got to participate in ACAP which is an activity program for children and adults who experience Autism. We also got to go camping and floating with some neighbor friends of ours who also have three kids around my kids ages. Spent a little time at the pool and lots of time outside riding bikes and staying out til dark.

Fall finds us completing our first full year here in the townhouse. Today actually is my 28th birthday as well as the one year anniversary of our move in. I’ve started fall term back at the local community college and the kids are well into their new school years. BB is continuing to struggle with behavior at home and at school I often feel at a loss at how to help him. We’ve recently started with a new councelor / program that does intensive out patient treatment. We shall see how this goes. LS started kindergarten and totally loves it she is writing her name very legibly with almost no mistakes now and can also write some other letters and numbers. LB is in his last year at Head Start and is really enjoying it. I was able to get him in the class with LS’s old teacher, we heart Teacher D :). Ive been working on getting my drivers license, took the test the first time Sept 7th but failed. My next try is next Tuesday the 16th hopefully I will pass this time. That Fri the 19th is our annual church family retreat, Im really hoping I pass the test bc really the only way we can go is if I drive us. I’ve been blessed with a car! My Pastor and his wife were given a van so hes now driving her old car and his car isn’t being used. They decided to give it to someone who needs it and that someone is me! It is a 1994 Honda Accord and as soon as I pass that test he will sign the title over to me. Really looking fwd to the independance driving will give me.

So that’s basically it, hope you’re all ding well and enjoying fall!


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