01 Jan

Much like the beloved Dr Martin Luther King Jr. I too have a dream….maybe corny to put it that way but just sit back and let this mama get this one out. I have three children. They are each unique as every snow flake we see and are intelligent and amazing and awesome and yes its my right as their mother to say so and shout it to the world. But at the same time my oldest son, my precious boy has his own struggles every day to do the things kids his age do so effortlessly. No he does not have cerabal palsy or down syndrome it is not easy to see him as a ‘special kid’ to the eye he looks like every other child, big brown eyes a big dimple on his chubby cheek and rusty colored hair and freckles. Yet he does deal with something real he is an individual living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and at times it is hard to even get validation from others that he really has Autism. BB is on the high functioning end yes indeed, he has free speech he has eye contact most of the time with some reminders from time to time and he does try to connect with people but he struggles with social cues, appropriate behavior, major sensory processing issues and many more symptoms you can find in the DSM criteria for PDDNOS or Aspergers hes kinda an inbetweener for those DX. My son is his own person created by his heavenly father in his own image. My little boy has struggles yes, but he has so much potential! I will help him be the best him he can be! That is my dream for him and his siblings too! I am a wife I am a Mother I am a woman I am a follower of my Lord Jesus. He has created me in his own image as well and hes given me three special kids and two who have special challenges developmentally and socially. It is through these boys that I have realized my love for individuals living with special needs and their families to help others gain acceptance and respect and inclusion. my dream is actually really simple I want to get a job as a one on one aid or  teachers aid in a special ed classroom or in a specialized program such as ACAP (Aurtistic Community Activity Program) or in anther program like Albetina kerr centers. i am passionate and driven and I want so much to succeed and to do what I was born to do what i amd passionate about. I would love ultimately to run my own non profit respite orginization or even a theraputic horseback riding center as I also love horses and all animals and recognize their special conection to those with special needs. Horses can truly help kids heal from abuse, make strides in therapies and have fun and confidence where they had none this would be so awesome. I too am an individual living with challenges (surprise surprise its in the genes) I have bipolar disorder type one. But you know what? It is NOT the end! I CAN be a GOOD WIFE a GOOD MOTHER and I can reach my  dreams for my children my husband and myself and my career dreams too. God gave me this special family this love for families and individuals facing special needs. I know he wouldnt give me that fire for something if it wasnt meant to be used to give him gloy by using it to love people and help make the world a better place. One family and one person at a time. Every day has its challenges but it also has its strengths. I fight sometimes to see the strengths and I know I can be a very hard person to love when im in my own brand of selfish sin and in my tmes of struggle with bipolar. I am blessed with a church family who tries very hard to love me even when i m really probably the ladt person they want to love or see. I am blessed with family anf friends who love me and my kids for who we are. And it makes me want to return that gift to others. That is all.


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