The Prodigal Daughter Returns…A Bittersweet Visit

04 Jan

I have had the same two best friends since I was very young. L and I are just 11 days apart and we lives just a couple blocks apart our entire childhood. I met A when we were 13-14 in eighth grade and we have been besties ever since. A and I have been through a lot together I mean anyone who you can go through the ugly teen years and still remain friends with is worth keeping right? lol. Almost six years ago A moved away to TN and I have only seen her once (abt two years ago) since she left. In that time She has gotten remarried and had four babies. My life as all you all know has been well interesting ti say the least! A couple weeks ago i was told that A’s mom was in the hospital due to complications to pneumonia and was in the ICU. Shortly after that we were told she had stage four lung cancer. Devistating! Espically for poor A who was thousands of miles away in IL where she moved from TN two years ago. Since thenit has been my mission to get A HOME so she can be with her mom. S, A’s mom was moved to a skilled nursing facility for hospice care about a week ago its a day to day thing now we have no idea how much time is left. Travel is so dang expensive! bc it was the hollidays and short notice we couldnt find ANY air fairs under 400$ ONE WAY! Finally we decided a one way greyhound bus ticket was our best bet at almost 300$. I am glad to say though that A and her youngest 5mnth old baby D are on their way as of yesterday afternoon and will be here by sat around 4 my time. I went to see S on new years day. nothign really prepared me for what I saw. The once proud, tough, determined, stubborn, kind, loving S was a mere shadow of who I knew her to be. I HATE CANCER! Cance is UGLY and CRUEL and it STEALS your loved ones and your life. This is not the first time I have seen someone I deeply care for struggle and ultmately die from cancer. I had another best friend who I met in high school, she was a few years older than I and went to my chirch and wasinvolved in my hs youth group. She was beautiful inside and out and full of life and tallented at everything she did. By the time my friend (also who has an S name) had had her first two kids (beautiful twin girlies 🙂 ) she already had symptoms of the horrible cancer that would steal her life seven or so short years later. Bc of lack of health insurance she was just treated for her pain and not given any type of tests for her reoccuring and worsening symptoms. It wasnt until she was pregnant with her third baby that it was apparenbt that something was indeed very wrong. When her baby was about one and I had BB and LS who were 2 and 4 months old I went up to visit S who was a few hrs away. Her husband was in the US Navy, a nuclear submariner who was away three months at a timne every three months. I went to watch the kids so S could finally undergo the testing that would reveal she has basically end stage bone cancer. Two short years later sweet S who was my confidant and biggest supporter, the one id spend litterally hours on the phone  with, lost her battle with the phoe that she had lived with for years. I didnt ge tto know S’s husband really since he was serving our country and gone so much( I am very grateful for his service and for all the men and women who do that job) when S passed away I heard it second hand from another friend from church through my mother. No one remembered to tell me when the memorial was so I never got to go I never got to see S in the end and say goodbye. But I will always remember that trip and the ten days we got to hang out even though she felt like crap and was sick she was still herself back then as much as she could be. We had several funny silly moments and I will always cherish those! That is why I knew it was so important to get A ut here asap, its her mother, no matter how strained her relationship was over the years, he mom needs her and I made sure she will be there for her. T minus one day and counting! Hang in ther S, A is on her way!

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