08 Jan

Sara and zivaS and AYesterday at 5am dear S left this world behind and went into the arms of Jesus. A was there with her and a littlw while a couple of S’s sisters came to be with A and say their final goodbyes to S. a sweet moment that will forever be in my mind as i look back on this time is when C A’s aunt went to her sister, took out the diamond earrings that she always wore that their father had made for their mother and hat S never took out. C walked over to A and put them in her ears saying that S wanted A to have them. A came home yesterday wearing her mama’s earrings and wrapped in her mamma’s favorite soft pink blanket and stuffed rabbit two things that were comforting S until the end. A seems the most relaxed and peaceful even in sleep when covered in her mother’s blanket. Thank you God for allowing A to say her goodbyes in person to her mom, and thank you fpr providing hr and baby D a plane ticket home ( blessing from her moms pastor). Times are sad yet God is good and he is providing. Time and he will heal the wounds and we will all always remember S.


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Posted by on January 8, 2013 in General


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