Moving on…

08 Feb

Well it has happend. I filed for divorce on Monday. DH (now going to be referred to as D) and I are over. It was not a decision i made lightly but I did arrive at the conclusion that it was no longer a healthy choice to be trying to make something work that clearly wasnt going to. BB has had a hard time adjusting at first but he is actually doing ok, LS and LB seem indifferent at home although LB has been having trouble at school. We are adjusting to life as the new normal and we are enjoying our new puppy Charlotte. I believe she really has helped BB and the other littles with the situation, they adore her, except when she tries to eat their food 🙂 I have to look for a new church as I was told a while ago if I filed for divorce that I would be “breaking relationship with the church”. Oh well, good riddence legalistic judgmental place. I have been taking the kids to a new youth program at a different church nearby and they love it so far. I attend the mom’s group that meets during the kids stuff and its a cool group of mommy believers so far. I feel good about my recent decisions even though my mother thinks ive jumped off the deep end and so does D. They’ll adjust, we all will. Divorce happens, peole heal, kids heal,we grow up we move on, we will be ok.



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Posted by on February 8, 2013 in The Fam Happenings


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