09 May

Yup. F-R-I-D-AY It’s the beginning of the weekend for most people, for parents of busy sports playing children however, it’s the beginning of ” wait, what times the game?” And ” crap! It’s OUR turn for snack!” and the ever famous ” you want me to drive HOW FAR to watch my kid play ball for TWO HOURS?!” Yet we do it, armed with coolers of bottled water, string cheese and sandwiches and apple slices and galons of coffee. We sit and we stand and we yell our hearts out and keep score and scorn the ref. Why? Because we love our kids. And when my girl is up at bat and hits the first half in a long while I scream til I’m hoarse and yell “GO LS!” because I’m her mama and that what I do. Happy Friday dear readers, and to the sports parents out there…. GAME ON!

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