Anjelah Johnson!!!!

13 Sep


If anyone actually reads this blog, they know that the M family has kinda a high stress lifestyle. There are a few things I love that I try to use as self care tools so I don’t go anymore crazy than necessary.  I LOVE to read, I love horses and dogs, and also I LOVE stand up comedy. I’m not a fan of raunchy stuff, I prefer more clean cut, maybe a bit edgy. I have several fave Christian comedians, Tim Hawkins, Bob Smiley, Anita Renfroe. My all time fave female artist though has got to be Anjelah Johnson (who actually happens to also love Jesus and  coincidentally is married or a Christian rapper, just Christian Comedy isn’t her genre) I’ve spent many a night after a hard day with BB or DH or any combination of being a special needs mom, a mom mom, and  a wife,  watching Anjelah’s shows on Netflix and any clips I can find on YouTube. I recently found out that she was coming to the city closest to where we live. I was psyched. For some reason I thought it was closer to October. Turned out she was coming to P Town like a week after I actually checked tour dates. I was crushed, and more so when I saw how much ticket prices were. (We be broke as jokes y’all) My Aunt M, knew how much I love Anjelah’s material and how much I wanted to see her. Yesterday morning after I crashed after putting the kidlets on the bus, I woke to a text from Aunt M ” would you like to go see Anjelah Johnson tonight at 7? You’d have to find last min child care, but it’s my treat, early birthday present.” Longer story and some tears later the kidlets were with my mom and DH and I were sitting in THE ORCHESTRA PIT ROW H! Amazing opening act by Mal Hall, amazing comedienne, amazing show, amazing seats. AMAZING. I can’t wait for this new show to come out on DVD and Netflix!  Watch Anjelah’s stuff you guys! You will NOT be disappointed. And if you are… to quote the lovely Anjela… I’MA CUT YOU. It’s one of her jokes, go, watch, you’ll get it. 


I feel really blessed for my Aunt M’s random act of kindness. Maybe 30 won’t be so bad… I hear it’s the new 20 😉

Have an awesome weekend peeps!



Random selfie from the bathroom at dinner at our fave Applebees after the show.

DH and I waiting to see Anjelah. We sat a little early so the venue was kinda empty, not for long though, it was PACKED.

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