Picnic Table Went all “Ima Cut You” on Me

13 Sep


So me and my friend AW over at were chillin at Mike’s Drive In in Milwaukie tonight. Shakes, fries, onion rings, bon qui qui music vids, great friends it was awesome… until the damn picnic table we were sitting at shanked my brand new Sacurrity shirt I got last night at the Anjelah Johnson show! Seriously in the middle of us listening to Cut You by Bon qui qui on her 3 track CD. Stupid table decided to go all ghetto on my fat butt and did a real life re-enactment of her video, and cut ME.


Here’s the shank hole closed up with my stealthy surgeon sewing skills… oh yeah wouldn’t you want me sewing you up after surgery? Yeah me either… Poor shirt. Oh well I can still wear it. Just kinda sad it didn’t even last a  full 24 hrs before something happened to it. Such is life on da mean streets of Milwaukie. #outdahoodprogram #damntable #imacutyou #justmyluck
Alright night y’all

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